Mr. Kieffer’s Memorial Day composition, “Arlington,” debuted with the Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra in 2014. He added lyrics to Arlington in 2015 and it was released in connection with Memorial Day, 2015, with vocals by the Los Angeles Master Chorale.

His “Fanfare for the Special Olympics” (“Olympic Fanfare”) was selected as the fanfare for the Los Angeles Special Olympics, July 25, 2015 and his piece “The Special Now” played with the “running of the flags” at the L.A. games’ Opening Ceremony.

In May 2016, four of his piano compositions were performed by the pianist Angela Cholakyan at the Arts and Culture Center in Suzhou, China.

While, over time, his music has been featured in movies and television including Pink Panther 2, Billy the Early Years, Rebound and The L Word and has been performed by industry legends such as Oleta Adams, Melissa Manchester and Jane Wiedlin (The Go Gos), still, he has kept most of his music to himself, quietly composing songs and music for most of his adult life, and is only now bringing forth his music in a more public way.

He released Encounters with the Moon, a set of solo piano pieces in early 2019. The album was subsequently nominated for contemporary solo piano album of the year by In 2020 he released 2 of 11 orchestral pieces recorded with the City if Prague Philharmonic Orchestra: “Christmas in Manhattan” and “The Wonder of All Things”. The full album, titled The Ambassador’s Wife and Other Stories was released in September of 2021 by PARMA Recordings on its Navona label. A few months later, it won Gold for “Best of Show” in the Global Music Awards! Two reviews of that album can be found here.

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